Mainline Point Repair System

For the 6″ – 100″ Diameter Pipe                                                 View Technical SpecificationsPicture8

The IRSI Mainline Point Repair System is a no-dig, ambient cure, permanent solution to repair any size pipe with minimal interruption of service.  The complete, user friendly point repair kit features a patented, easy to wrap, sewn fiberglass and felt liner that stays in place. It is available in four liner options with pre-measured epoxy formulated for summer or winter environments.


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Field tested IRSI Repairs prove to be stronger than the host pipe! (8)

Watch an IRSI 8″ Sewer Mainline Repair:

Case Studies:

Wet Out of IRSI 8 in X 7ft LinerSWS of Cincinnati  Nets Significant Savings vs. Open Excavation

The trenchless method of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) point repair was used earlier this year in Cincinnati, Ohio, to rehabilitate three sections of a private sewer line, resulting in a 20 percent savings vs. using open excavation… Read more.

IRSI Reduces Storm Water Overflow while Cutting Costs at North Carolina Wastewater Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant for the City of Newport, North Carolina used to have serious problems with sewage overflow every time it rained more than a quarter inch. Thanks to a repair program that featured 50 Infrastructure Repair Services, Inc. (IRSI) point repairs… Read more.

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