Infragard® Manhole Rehab

Infragard® Concrete and Manhole Rehabilitation Systems are easy trowel-on rehab systems to stop leaks. Choose Top Coat or flexible Chim Coat. They are to be applied from 120-150 mils or as required by qualified design engineers to either wet or dry surfaces.


Copy of Field tested IRSI repairs prove to be stronger than the host pipe! (2)

INFRAGARD® TOP COAT is a two component, 100% solid thermosetting epoxy Top Coat that is convenient, spreads easily, is corrosion resistant, and creates a new lining within the manhole that stops leaks.

Picture1INFRAGARD® CHIM COAT is a scientifically formulated flexible two part epoxy chimney coating that expands and contracts with changing temperatures. Chim Coat is corrosion resistant, stops leaks, and is easy to apply.

〉〉 INFRAGARD® PRIMER/SEALER is a two part epoxy system that works as a primer/sealer that can be easily applied to wet or dry surfaces with a garden sprayer.

Tests Prove that Infragard® is Stronger Than Concrete Substrate:

Infragard strength test (2)