Case Studies

flowlineOhio Contractor Finds Cost-Effective Solution for Leaky Pipe Bend

With more than three decades of experience, Tony Conie of Flowline LLC in Columbus, Ohio, understands the challenges of cleaning and maintaining an aging sewer line. He joined Flowline in 2003 as operations manager and since then has used his expertise to help the company… Read more.

120927_naunheim_msw_msd_005__large.jpgSt. Louis MSD takes on a large-scale revamp of a sprawling collection system that dates to the Civil War era.

So how does a sewer district that once consisted of 79 different systems in 91 separate communities and has pipes up to 150 years old eliminate hundreds of combined and sanitary sewer overflows and basement backups… Read more.

Wet Out of IRSI 8 in X 7ft LinerSWS of Cincinnati  Nets Significant Savings vs. Open Excavation

The trenchless method of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) point repair was used earlier this year in Cincinnati, Ohio, to rehabilitate three sections of a private sewer line, resulting in a 20 percent savings vs. using open excavation… Read more.

IRSI Prevents Expensive Replacement of Storm Interceptor Box 

Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc. and Allen’s Plumbing helped a customer avoid an expensive replacement of a storm water interceptor box. A stormwater interceptor box is a containment system designed to slow the runoff of storm drains… Read more.

 James CityJames City Endurance Tests

CCTV inspections and smoke testing uncovered many small damaged sewer sections where groundwater infiltration was evident. Many of these sites were in wet, environmentally sensitive areas or buried deeper than our excavation equipment capability. Either way, an open trench was not a very efficient or cost effective manner to address these small but extremely detrimentally … Read more.

IRSI Reduces Storm Water Overflow while Cutting Costs at North Carolina Wastewater Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant for the City of Newport, North Carolina used to have serious problems with sewage overflow every time it rained more than a quarter inch. Thanks to a repair program that featured 50 Infrastructure Repair Services, Inc. (IRSI) point repairs… Read more.

McMinnville.jpgTrenchless Lateral Repair Keeps Oregon Landscape Untouched

Maintenance and repair of the sewer lines is critical to limit the excess rainwater and ground water that can infiltrate the lines through cracks and breaks, as well as prevent blockages and sewer back-ups. To accomplish these types of repairs the City of McMinnville… Read more.

IRSI Restores 3 Damaged Areas in Sewer Main

Problem: In June 2014, Mid-Mo Environmental of Jefferson City, Mo., cleaned and televised sewer mains in the nearby town of New Bloomfield in Callaway County. Many of these lines are under the streets and buried in excess of 10 feet deep…  Read more.

LakelandLakeland’s Smart Repairs

Finding an economical route to repair is a priority for cities like Lakeland, Fla. Being attentive to how and where city funds are implemented can lead to smart choices that save money and often create superior results. So when Lakeland began to re-evaluate its sewer systems in 1995, initiating the city’s Accelerated Sewer Rehab Program, smart choices became an initiative… Read more.