5 Reasons You Should Be Using a Manufactured Liner

untitled-design-3When making sewer pipe repairs, trenchless solutions save time and thousands in comparison to digging and replacing sections of pipe. Buying rolls of fiberglass and drums of epoxy to make your own point repairs may sound like a good idea, but IRSI’s manufactured liners offer several benefits that eliminate complications that may arise from DIY patches:

1. Labor

How much labor does it take to create your own repair liner? It could take eight to twelve hours to prepare the materials for a single repair: gathering your supplies, measuring, cutting, and pouring up resin.

IRSI Point Repair Kits come with a manufactured liner cut to your ordered size, eliminating any of the labor and cost it would take to create your own repair liner.

2. Waste

Think about the waste of material. The liner material may be cut to the wrong size, the amount of resin might be off, or the resin could be mixed in the wrong proportions. It also might be necessary when buying in bulk to buy much larger quantities than you will actually use. How many time have you gone to Sam’s or Costco purchased a large package of one of your favorite foods, only to have it expire before it’s consumed?

With IRSI’s manufactured liners and pre-measured resin, the guess-work is taken out of your repair and there is absolutely no waste is involved.

3. Positioning the Liner

A DIY patch may be difficult to position. The DIY patch may slip or bunch up on the carrier, causing it to miss the mark.  If the liner doesn’t open evenly with inflation of the carrier, there may be wrinkles inhibiting flow or making the DIY repair ineffective. Removing a failed repair can be expensive in labor and waste.

IRSI Point Repairs have patented melt away strings to hold the liner in place and Velcro straps that pop open at just the right time when the carrier is inflated and in place.

4. Unpredictable Cure times

When mixing your own resins, cure times may be unpredictable, especially in changing temperatures.

IRSI Point Repair kits come with pre-measured resins specifically engineered for point repairs with formulations for cold or warm environments with consistent, controlled and predictable cure times.

5. Durability

DIY patches have no testing to certify their performance and there’s no guarantee every repair will be a success.

IRSI Point Repairs are certified to last 100 years with 3rd party testing proving they are as strong as the host pipe.

IRSI builds each kit to fit the job with options for most any repair situation, to include elbows and transitional pipes.  IRSI Point Repair Kits include a manufactured liner, ordered to size for the pipe diameter and length needed in one of four different liner weights. The kit comes with pre-measured resin that’s ready to mix.  Safety equipment and cleaner is also included.

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