What? No O-Rings?

Pipe repair systems across the country will tell you that O-Rings are required on the ends of sectional pipe repairs to achieve a water tight seal.

What if we told you that isn’t true for ALL sectional repair systems?

Pipe repair systems often use polyester resins, which contain VOC’s or additives that are released during the curing process by evaporation. The resin and liner shrink as a result, which causes annular space between the repair liner and the host pipe. These pipe repair companies offer a solution: the addition of O-Rings. These O-Rings are an added step and expense that are used to seal the ends.

Epoxy resins, however, as used in IRSI Point Repair Systems, are 100% solids, and contain no VOC’s. Because there are no VOC’s, nothing is released during the curing process, so there is no shrinkage of the liner or resin. The epoxy resin is simply pushed beyond the liner as the carrier inflates, creating a smooth transition from the liner to the host pipe with no annular space, producing a permanent repair with a water tight seal and mechanical bond, filling any imperfections within the host pipe – without O-rings.

While other sectional repair systems may guarantee their repair with the use of O-Rings, it is only as good as the seal of the O-ring, some as little as 10 years. The IRSI Point Repair System actually has a 100 Year-Life Certification, without any O-Rings.

The IRSI Point Repair System has not only been 3rd party tested by NSF P3084 – Gravity Pipe Leakage Test with 0 Leakage Rate, but has withstood the test of time throughout the US and Canada for over 2 decades.  This Epoxy system features a patented liner with sewn layers to prevent wrinkles, Velcro straps to secure the liner on the carrier that pop open at the right time during inflation, as well as melt-away string to prevent slippage on the carrier as it is being pulled to the exact location of the pipe leak.

IRSI Point Repairs are the permanent repair solution that can be customized to meet any of your pipe rehabilitation needs.

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