Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc. is the sole manufacturer of our patented Trenchless Mainline, Lateral, & Elbow Point Repair Systems & Infragard® Concrete and Manhole Rehabilitation Products. 

With twenty years of success, we bring PRECISION, EASE and VALUE to your repairs. We offer custom-made liners to YOUR specifications, including transitions and training for your crew to ensure your success!

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IRSI Point Repair Systems are no-dig, ambient cure permanent solutions to repair any size pipe with minimal interruption of service. The complete, user friendly point repair kit features a patented, easy to wrap, sewn fiberglass and felt liner that stays in place.

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Infragard® Concrete and Manhole Rehabilitation Systems are easy trowel-on rehab systems to stop leaks. Choose Top Coat or flexible Chim Coat. They are to be applied from 120-150 mils or as required by qualified design engineers to either wet or dry surfaces.

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